Why a Framework?

The leadership framework was designed as a tool to assist leaders by providing an organized approach toward both their organization and their professional development.  It’s core categories – Customers, Organizational Process, People and Leadership – are the cornerstones of all successful organizations.

Leaders live in a world of constant interaction and change. Our personal educational time is both scarce and sacred. It must be spent effectively.

The framework is designed to help leaders:

  • Plan strategically

  • Diagnosis potential barriers to success

  • Create a common view

  • Focus on what is important

  • Achieve operational excellence

  • Focus personal development time

  • Lead wisely

The Leadership Framework

Valued Customer

The only reason our customers do business with us is for the value they receive. Whether customers repeatedly buy and grow with us depends on their view of the value we provide.

Value comes in three different streams; our product or service, our operational effectiveness, and our intimacy with their organizational strategy. Competition requires that we be good at all three of these value streams and be continuously improving them. This process defines our customer experience and keeps us atuned to their changing needs.

Valued Customer Conversations

Organizational Excellence

Organizational Excellence is the science portion of leadership  It includes our productivity, materials management, sales and marketing disciplines etc. If the correct processes aren’t in place, it is difficult to be successful and impossible to be an industry leader. The key to getting the most value from our processes is having valued employees focused on winning in the competitive marketplace.

Organizational Excellence Conversations

Valuable Employees

The great differentiator is our ability to bring out the best in the right people.  It begins with selection.  We hire values first, attitude second, and skills third.  Many culture issues are caused by misalignment of these three.

Our goal is then to create a environment that encourages and brings out the best in these people. The top performing companies are usually the employer of choice in their industry.

Valuable Employees Conversations

Effective Leader

Mastering the art of leadership and being the leader of choice requires the continual development of our character and skills. The process builds our wisdom and empowers us to fulfill our purpose.

Effective Leadership Conversations