About Gerry Wenzke and Leadership Development

Gerry Wenzke

CEO, Distinct Strategies LLC

Gerry Wenzke counsels leaders in the development of their “leadership voice”. He believes each leader has their own distinct style and capability.

His counsel is designed to help leaders make their organizations more successful and their leadership experience more fulfilling.  It is based on his own real-world experience as the CEO of three different companies and a lifetime of studying leadership.  His counsel is strategic, visionary and practical.

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Capabilities and Services

Becoming your best.


Working with Distinct Strategies puts leadership in context and identifies your best opportunities for growth.


Gerry provides personal coaching that focuses on both specific situations and long term goals.


Gerry is available for speaking engagements and workshops/strategy facilitation.

A Proven System for Leadership Development

The Leadership Framework

Valued Customer

Our success as an organization depends on the value we provide our customers. How well we do this, in a competitive marketplace, is the focus of our strategy and a key driver of success.

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Organizational Excellence

Understanding how each part of our organization effectively uses resources is critical for business success. This is where the Science of Leadership development intersects with the Art of Leadership.

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Valuable Employees

The great differentiator. Who we employ and the environment we nurture defines the culture of our organization. We aspire to be the employer of choice in our industry.

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Effective Leadership

The continual development of our character, skills and “leadership voice” enriches our organization and empowers those we work with.  Our commitment to continual improvement unlocks the door to leadership wisdom.

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Testimonials and Tweets

  • Gerry’s consultative approach has helped me take a more realistic view of out company’s sales forecast an develop the leadership behaviors necessary to accelerate our revenue. I value Gerry’s advice and look forward to a continuing business relationship with him.

    Ralph Harvey Taylor, CEO
    LB Worldwide Inc.
  • Gerry has added so much value to my efforts as CEO. His critical thinking and skill to know what intrinsically drives people is something I “turn on” regularly. I feel fortunate to have him as an advisor and plan to stay close to him throughout my business career.

    Stephan Willimann, CEO
    Sigma Marketing Insights
  • Gerry Wenzke has been a personal and professional mentor to me, not only through our coaching sessions, but in his real-life actions.  In my experience, he’s been the embodiment of “lead by example.”  He has a unique knack for bridging the gap between “emotional decision making” and “intelligent decision making,” and his students benefit from his insight and experience when faced with difficult or unpopular decisions.  It takes a clear head to make a good choice, and Gerry’s coaching sessions help students to hone in on the most important aspects of decisions at-hand.

    Chris Brodhead
    Director of Investor Relations, Broadstone Real Estate LLC